Hadiya Bomani

Good day everyone, I am the mother of Hadiya Bomani.  Mr. Hill has been a wonderful instructor.  My daughter is not only learning piano but now he is instructing her in private clarinet lessons as well.  Mr. Hill takes a “true” personal interest in Hadiya, at least he certainly makes us feel that way.  She has learned so much, we look forward to hearing her practice daily.  And he provides her with theory as well as application. It takes an enthusiastic and talented music teacher to work with children.  Mr. Hill does truly have this skill.  We really enjoy his instructional time with our daughter.  He encourages all the time, provides written and email progress reports, and is always on time for the lessons.  He is truly professional but also a joy.  Thank you so much Mr. Hill for the joy and sound of music you have given our daughter and our home.

Mandisa Wofford

Hi everyone my name is Mandisa, one of Mr. Hill’s students.  I just want to let all of you out there know that Mr. Hill is a great and outstanding teacher!  Now many of you might think that this is just a typical trait of all music instructors’ right? Wrong!  Mr. Paul Hill is one of a kind and has stuck with me through all my finanacial difficulties, tecaching me even when I couldn’t afford it simply out of the kindness of his heart! ( God is good)  I guess he saw my yearning to learn!  So that ought to show you that he is not in it just for the money!  Hay but he has to eat!  Anyway I just wanted to let you know that if your’re looking for someone to teach you, Mr. Paul Hill is it!

Thanks see ya!

Kristi White Comfort
My daughter had been without private instruction for several months prior to our move to Atlanta in January.  Mr. Hill’s background as both a highly regarded band director and an accomplished musician made him my first choice for private flute lessons.  I was delighted when he agreed to take her on as a student.

Mr. Hill has far exceeded even my very high expectations.  Many instructors only show great interest in those students who are naturally gifted and those who pick up material quickly.  However, Mr. Hill truly has a passion for music, and it shows in the interest that he takes in his students and the patience that he demonstrates in helping them to develop regardless of skill level.

Mr. Hill has identified areas of opportunity for my daughter and helped her strengthen basic skill.  He has also encouraged her, and her playing is much improved.  My daughter said, “He has a lot of respect for his students.  He has a certain way of teaching that inspires you to play.”  She particularly likes his use of repetition.  He encourages her to practice and master each concept, rather than rushing her to new material.  Having my daughter study with M.r Hill has been an enriching experience. Thank you, Mr. Hill!

Edward L. Wilson


Paul Hill is the total package.  A fine musician, a strong disciplinarian, a more than competent instructor, and he provide the caring counseling that students and colleagues need to be successful in the educational arena.

Brittney Burnette

I am a former band member of Stone Mountain High in stone Mt, G.A. When Mr. Hill came as our substitute, we didn’t know what to expect.  During this time we had lose our former band director, Mr. B.  McKnight, and didn’t know what to do.  We had gone through numerous substitutes that didn’t know anything about music.  Finally when Mr. Hill came, we knew that we were going to be back to the old band we used to be before.  He explained to us that he had been a retired band director and that he has been playing since he was in middle school we knew now that everything would be fine.  During the time that Mr. Hill was there, he taught us a lot about life, music, the importance of family and about God’s Word.  When he would tell us about his former students and his life in the band, you can tell that he has strong passion for music.  He never left a child behind in music because he would help you with your music and for free because that’s how much he wanted children to learn and have fun with their instruments.

Mr. Hill also helped prepare our seniors for college this year.  He asked college band directors and asked if they would come to our school for an audition.  Because of Mr. Hill a lot of our seniors got scholarships.

I’m glad I got the chance to meet him and to get to know him.  I really appreciated the time we had.

Thank you Mr. Hill for everything you’ve done for the band.

I really want to thank you for getting me out of the situation with that administrator, you were the only one who believed me and I thank you.  You treated me like I was your child and to tell you the truth, you were kinda like a Father to me.

You were truly a blessing to me and the band.


Brittney Burnette

Kinana J.
Wednesday June 29, 2007


Where can I start?? It’s so much to say about Mr. Hill and from my personal experience, he’s truly a great man.  Mr. Hill came to Stone Mountain High during the down time of the band program that was reaching new heights and breaking down barriers.  When Mr. Hill stepped foot in our band room, we did not know what to expect.  Many of us thought he was a joke and did not know what he possessed.  Some of us even disrespected him because we lost our passion for band and most of all music. As days and weeks came at a time, Stone Mountain Band opened up to Mr. Hill, even some of the students that were not part of the band program.  Mr. Hill is not like any other “band director” I’ve known and he will tell you that.  I want to thank Mr. Hill for giving us his blessing and keeping the love for music in our hearts. THANK YOU MUCH Mr. Hill

Johnathan Donald
Monday June 27, 2007

Mr. Hill was there when no one else stood up.  To be hones, right before Mr. Hill came, I was about to drop the study of music all together.  Mr hill is truly an inspirational person who can ease a difficult situation.  I truly believe that meeting him is a direct blessing from God.  Mr. Hill often referred to his past as rough,  but if I could become half the man Mr. Hill is today, I would do it a hundred times over.  All that I have said comes directly from my heart to this keyboard.  When you read this I want you to know that I not only speak for myself but for all the silent voices that have encountered you.
Thank You

Carlo Carter
Saturday June 25, 2007

Mr. Hill was a great band director.  He was very good to get along with.  He understood all the kids.  He kept it real.  He never quit on us.  He helped us out a lot.  Thank you Mr. Hill

Saturday May 14, 2007

Mr. Hill is one of the outstanding band directors we had at Stone Mountain high school.

He is also an inspiration to me and many others.  That’s why we are going to miss him at (SMHS)

THAT YOU Mr. Hill from
Shineil Taylor
1st period band (trumpeter)

Melody Foster
Saturday April 23, 2007

Mr. Hill is a terrific educator.  When SMH started to have problems in the band department, Mr. Hill came to us and kept our spirits up.  Although he is only a substitute, he has done a lot for us.  I believe Mr. Hill is an angel in disguise.  I wish he became our permanent band director.  Mr. Hill, I am going to miss you!

Steevon Hunter
Wednesday April 13, 2007

Mr Paul Hill is one of the most influential, competent and artistic teachers, musicians and performers of whom I have had the pleasure of being acquainted. As one of his former middle school students,  I can definitely say that he has played a major role in not only my success as a musician and teacher,  but as an individual and a man.  He has an uncompromising standard of excellence as he is one who gives 100% to all his musical endeavors.  He is genuinely concerned about the positive progression of students and all that are around him.  He is not a friend to mediocrity as he often quotes the great Michael Jordan, “Discipline is not your enemy!” Words cannot express or began to describe the genius of this great man.  I love him dearly.

Steevon R. Hunter
Principal, Metro Nashville Public Schools
Owner, Steevon Hunter Music Productions, INC.

Mark Pintar
Thusday January 29, 2007

I had the pleasure of being taught by Mr. Paul Hill for a short time during his tenure at Mars Music.  My wife, tired of hearing me talk of wanting to play the saxophone for too many years, finally gave me a sax and lessons as a gift.  They were just the first gift.

I soon realized that Paul was not simply interested in exchanging an hour of his time for a paycheck.  He was genuinely interested in me.  In my abilities and ambitions not only as a musician, but also as a person.  He is definitely and incredible musician and teacher, honing in on the skills each student needs to work on and not just teaching by formula or rote.  I enjoyed our conversations about music and life.  I definitely benefited from my association with Paul in more ways than learning to play the sax.  Since moving to California, I still remember his instruction and our time together every time I play.

Thank you, Paul.
Mark Pintar

Henry J. Johnson
Saturday January 24, 2007

Paul Hill and I go way back, we are childhood friends, former High School band members.  As band members together he was very gifted and showed lots of promise towards being a great musician.  He would study and practice, and practice.  It really seems as if he was born to play the trumpet and be the fine musician that he is today.  Its been well over 30 years since I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Hill play that trumpet, but if that’s him playing on this Web-Page, I’m not surprised at all.  Always the best for you and yours.
Henry J. Johnson
Mr. Hill’s classmate

Walter L. Reed
Thursday January 15, 2007

Mr. Hill and I were childhood friends.  Paul was very instrumental in my musical career and aided me as a professional musician/instructor.  Paul Hill is also a talented and kind person that treats everyone as equals.  He is respected, admired and loved by many professional musicians and non-musicians alike.

Walter Reed
Musician “Bass Player”, “Composer”, and “Arranger”

Philip A. Joyner, Jr.
Thursday January 8, 2007

I am honored that the path of Paul Hill has crossed my life.  Paul has impressed me by not only sustaining excellence in his personal performance but his influence as an instructor is vast.  With the current state of affairs so many individuals in many areas just want to be paid and have little concern about the quality of their performance.  Paul has the uncanny ability to:
1. Set the standard
2. Maintain the standard
3. Help others achieve the standard

Paul will not compromise excellence.

Philip A. Joyner, Jr.
Strings/Orchestra Specialist,
Memphis (TN) City Schools

Kim Jackson
Tuesday December 16 2006

It’s strange how Mr. Hill always talks about students who have made an impact on his life; not knowing however, the mark that he has left on the lives of others.  Mr. hill not only is an extraordinary musician and educator, but it is truly a privilege to be of an acquaintance with him.  He’s truly been a blessing in my life.  When my mother passed away earlier this year, he didn’t try to sugarcoat anything; he kept it real.  He told me that God doesn’t make mistakes, and your mother was never yours, but was loaned to you by God, and to remember all the values she taught you so that you can be a blessing to your children as your mother was to you.  Mr. Hill believes in sharing life’s experiences so that you will not make the same mistakes that he’s made.  It means a lot to admire someone, and have them tell you that they are still struggling with areas of their lives; he tells me that his spiritually is an ongoing struggle, and that he knows that God hasn’t lead him this far to leave him.  I love Mr. Hill as a musician, and educator and most of all, as a man who is constantly seeking God.  I pray that I’m able to instill the values and experience in my own son, as you have done all of your former students.

May God continue to bless you and your family.
Kim Pittman-Jackson

Candice E. Patterson
Sunday December 14, 2006

I was only eleven when I met Mr. Hill but he showed me that music not only comes from your instrument, but your heart.  He worked with me for two years and every lesson only made me stronger as a musician.  I can still vividly remember most of the days I spent under Mr. Hill’s direction.  He has made a remarkable impact on my life.

James Kain
December 9, 2006

Since my relocating to Atlanta, I have had the pleasure of playing and studying with Paul Hill.  In my opinion he is a well qualified music instructor.  He is also a good friend.  I would recommend anyone to study with Mr. Hill.  He will be dedicated to motivating serous musicians to perfect their craft.

Jeff Huddleston
Monday December 8, 2006

In the time that I have known Paul Hill he has shown himself not only to be a fine musician but a sincere and honest person, a rare characteristic these days. 
I highly recommend Mr. Hill as both a trumpet player and versatile musician, in my opinion he would be an asset to any musical organization.
I am lucky to call him my friend.

Marion Barker
Professional trombonist/recording artist

Edgar H. Matthews
Wednesday December 3, 2006

Having worked with Paul on numerous occasions and based on over 25 years of close personal friendship, I can say without hesitation that he has the integrity and skills to get the job done for you musically…. period.  Excellent taste, proven methods and close attention to details are only a few of the reasons you’ll be glad you turned to the PH-factor.  Put it to work for you.

Eboni E. Rideout
Wednesday December 3, 2006

Creator, Understanding, Patience, Kindness, Role-Model, Father Figure and Nurturer are words that describe such a remarkable man.  Mr. Hill is one who is very dedicated to music and his students.  As one of Mr. Hill’s students, back in 1987 (beginner flute player in the public school sector) I learned to apply myself mentally for everything that I have encountered.  After being under the direction of Mr. Hill, I moved on to play flute in High School and college.  I am now a Social Worker by day and requested to play my instrument at retirement parties and the like.  If you are looking for an instructor and a motivator, then you have found the right person.  Mr. Hill is wonderful, and I hope that you enjoy him as much as we have as past and present students.

Thanks Mr. Hill (Dad, smile)

Eboni E. Rideout – Flute/Piccolo
Memphis, Tennesee

Sabine Alsup
Tuesday December 2, 2006

Mr. Hill has truly been one of the greatest influences in my education.  As a teacher he always pushed for the best and never let us settle for anything less.  He was most definitely one of the hardest educators but it only made me step it up.  Even today this day I remember his words and it makes me strive for more.

Sabine Alsup
Student University of Portland

Kwame Ajanaku
Tuesday December 2, 2006

Couple with life’s experience and his ability to motivate, Paul has been able to get students to not only read the music expressively, but read between the lines confidently!  I can’t wait for each lesson I get from him on applying the theory I’ve learned from him.  It has really helped with my songwriting and lyric writing.  My clients love the results! Now they want to know my secret! Paul was God-sent for music!

Isiah Bell
Sunday November 30, 2006

Mr. Hill is really one of the best if not the best.  He takes young students to the next level on their instrument and out side of music.  He will be the best private teacher I could think of.

Isaih Bell

Tywayne David Shivers
Tuesday November 25, 2006
Mr. Hill is an excellent teacher and role model.  Through his music, I was able to overcome tremendous obstacles in life.  I highly recommend him for any serious musician that seeks to become the best.

D. Shivers
Trumpetor/Business Owner

Brandy Hill

Mr. Hill is not only a great musician, he’s a wonderful father.  Daddy, I want to tell you that your website is “awesome” and to keep up the good work.  You are always trying to help people achieve their goals in life!



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