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PH Factor Inc. is a company designed to enhance the musicality of those members of our society who are desirous of raising their musical excellence to a higher level.  Whether a student is pursuing a professional musical career or learning to play as a hobby, effective teaching methods and strategies will not be compromised.  It is our focus to provide quality training for all participants regardless of experience, gender, disability, religion, or ethnicity.

Mr. Paul Hill is a very dedicated and conscientious educator who has develop many effective practices to help improve one's musical skills and this is based on 35 years of successful public and private experience.  The company's teaching methodologies have been created with the experienced and the inexperienced student in mind.

We take pride in developing the musical talents of others and our beliefs are based on a number of studies that have been conducted at various colleges and universities around the nation.  These studies have revealed that students who are involved with the Arts such as Music, Drama, Dance, etc are more likely to excel in their academic endeavors than their counterparts who are not associated with the Arts.  Recent statistics indicate that many of our nation's motivational speakers and CEO's  of many fortune 500 companies were and still are closely affiliated  with some form of the Arts.

Those students who aspire to enter this program must have the proper attitude and willingness to practice on an individual basis and conform to the teacher's suggestions and comments in order to make improvement on their respective instrument.  Our company is totally committed to providing the best instruction possible in order for our clients to enhance their musicianship and possibly enter the professional ranks or just simply play for personal gratification.


PH Factor invites you to revisit our site frequently as we're continuously adding new information.



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